The Village of ROQUECOR

Each day I walk from my cottage and studio down the mountain and back. It is one of my daily routines and provides inspirations for paintings. I am constantly greeted by the most wonderful panoramas. Lovely Farmlands and Valleys, dotted with small white houses and large chateaus with red tiled roofs. 

The view of the village Roquecor on the hill top is one of my favorites vistas. A small medieval village not far from where I live, it is the closest for purchasing cheese, bread and wine. My french menu. And although it is a small village, it is full of rich experiences and wonderful, friendly people.

As the season progresses and I watch the fields change in patterns from harvesting and the colors change from the light, I am amazed at the difference created each day. Some of these have become embedded in my psyche and will no doubt show up in paintings for years to come. Little subtleties that leak out into the artwork, totally unplanned and recognizable only to me.

As my work here is almost completed, I find that I am not ready to go yet. This place is one I have become attached too, It feels so familiar and has provided such a wonder place to work. Spending hours implementing new ways to translate my visions, trying new techniques and directions. Whether they are beautiful or not, is not for me to say and does not prevent my artistic experiments from continuing. Some will go home with me and will hopefully take my art to new heights, others will remain here, in the trash, where they belong. 

Renewing my artistic spirit has become the main focus of this sabbatical to France getting acquainted with my muse again and letting the creative process unfold. Those of you who truly understand this statement will see this spirit in my new work.

I am off for some more traveling now, exploring new towns and villages looking around the next bend hoping to find the next inspiration. Wish me luck...