Farewell Beautiful France!!!

Dear Friends,

Today is my last day at my cottage/studio in Roquecor and I am sad to leave.

This experience has been one of the most enlightening and creative ,my life and art will be changed forever because of it. I am making my plans for next year, with great anticipation.

As I make my way home with my friend David, there will another stay in Toulouse, the capital of the Midi-Pyrenees region, and France's 4th largest city. I love this city, it is smaller than Paris, but full of wonderful things to see.

Walking along the River Garonne, near the School of Beaux-Arts, you see artists displaying their latest works in hopes of a sale. There are great restaurants and hotels, art galleries and boutiques with unusual items for sale. I recommend this as a destination to all of you if you travel to France in the future.

This City is international and full of students who come to study at the many universities here. I have met new friends here and feel comfortable and safe. I will return here again next year to learn more about "La Ville Rose".

So I shall be back in the U.S. soon, back to my beautiful home and studio in Florida, seeing my dogs Max and Sophie.  Celebrating the holidays with family and friends, and I look forward to that.

However, I have fallen in love with this country, I will not stay away for long.

For now I say "l'adieu belle France' "