Nous permettre d'essayer encore

"let's start again"

Bonjour Mes Amis,

Not sure why, but my last entry was published early and was cut short, so here is the rest of the story....

School is wonderful, My class mates who are all from England are diverse in the art world. All are friendly and we share a lot of laughs. Bunny and Mick, my teachers , are so creative and supportive.They have added a new mascot Eddie.He is a Jack Russel Terrier so I feel right at home with him running around.

Now about the photo.

The interior of the Catholic Church of England in Puyscli, France, a medieval village not far from Montmiral was built in the 11th century . I took a day trip here on September 11th and lit a candle in this beautiful church in memory of the lives lost in 2001. Visit this link to learn more about this interesting village (be sure to click on English flag to translate)

On a lighter note...

I have begun a new series of etchings inspired by images and colors found in the hand painted stained glass of these medieval English Churches in France. Not necessarily reproduced in a religious context and so my creative journey has begun.

First 3 days were spent recovering from jet lag and doing my research on the subject of this years lesson. I chose this idea because of the nature of the images and layering of color to create deep rich tones. I have found that the techniques of intaglio etching is rich in information and constantly challenges my artistic abilities. WHEW!

It is all very exciting and as always I find it hard to explain how this country and it's history somehow rings deep in my soul.

More to come....