UK City Streets Phase 2

Greetings from London!!

And What a great city London is too. With so much to see in so little time, I hit the streets running to the tube and found my way to the northern bank of the Thames River in the art district of Chelsea. Walking for hours absorbing the art, the sights and the cityscape of one of my favorite areas of London.

The Tube is the underground subway system of London, and I am proud to say I found my way around the system pretty well. But walking was my main mode of transportation. 
I met up with my friends Susan and Andy, artists who have lived and worked in London all their lives. Susan is a well known jeweler, her work is shown in the finest galleries around the world.

Andy is a printmaker like me, we all met in the South of France years ago, painting and printmaking together.

Susan took me to the opening night of a jewelry show , entitled "Architecture In Jewelry" where I met artists from all genre and felt welcomed and accepted as part of the group. Susan and I viewed two great exhibits at the Royal Academy of Arts and stopped in Soho galleries, one was showing the work of Barbara Rae and Alf Lohr whose work greatly inspired me.

Strolling near the Thames River I viewed Westminster Abbey across the way and saw up close the incredible carved doors of the Abbey.
As days in London came to a close Dave and I walked to Kensington Palace, and through the park and gardens there. We found a sculpture of King Albert , all shined up with gold, illuminated by the sun and thought this was the perfect way to say our goodbyes to one of our favorites cities in the world. We will return, with more time and other points of interest to discover.

Til next time!!