"the engraving begins"


After five days of preparations I have finally begun the arduous process of etching the image onto the steel plate. This is the part of the process where expectation and patience come together. As the plate soaks in the bath of a formula of water and nitric acid, the acid bites into the metal to reveal the lines and markings I have placed there. I block out areas that I do not want to etch and must always plan ahead and decide where the lines will go and how deep I want them. As the deeper the line the more ink is held and therefore the darker the line.

After I have determined the level of etching required to achieve my desired image I will begin to take quick test prints to see how the etching is progressing. Then continue the process until I feel that the elements are completed.

Once I have achieved a satisfactory print, I will then begin on plate #2 the color plate. This the area that I know the least about and why I have returned once more to study. Registering the plates so that the color falls into specific areas and enhances the over all print.
If other textures and background is needed then another plate is created. and on and on....

When I completed the entire suite of plates then the printing begins. Oh what fun!!!

So check back and I will post a picture of the completed print.