Au Revoir Castelnau de Montmiral


This the view from across the valley looking at the medieval village of Castelnau de Montmiral, France where  mon école des beaux-arts(art school) resides.

On Thursday,after 10 incredible days of study, my teachers Bunny and Mick Newth, their Jack Russell terrier Eddie, my classmate Jenny from Australia and I took off across the valley into the countryside of this region of Tarn in Southern France. As our little band of trekkers climbed higher and higher, I looked down on the valley and across the fields to the village, so peaceful and beautiful I felt as if I was dreaming. We passed heavy laden fig and plum trees, Eddie ate so many his belly bulged, but it did not slow him down. There were walnut and cherry, apple and pear trees also along the path, no longer bearing their fruit but lovely green leaves covering the limbs and fields upon fields of sunflowers that had passed away.
The fragrance of french earth wafted passed and landed on my clothes. Yummy.

Our evening was spent eating an exquisite meal in the town square, drinking great French wine and talking into the night. So thankful to be here. I bid farewell to my friends and I realized that I have made some new and long lasting friendships this time around.

But alas, I had to pack my bags and head to Toulouse to meet my buddy Serena for a week of exploration of the Midi-Pyrénées where my cottage lives. There will be more country side to enjoy and wine to drink so off to bed .

Stay tune for more l'amusement en France (fun in France)

Bonne nuit!