SO WHAT'S NEXT?  As the  winter days grow longer and I sit in my studio with a big ? over my head.

I ask myself, what do you really want to say at this time, what is your inspiration at this juncture?

  The Big Blank White Board Staring back at me ...for DAYS! It became kinda obvious thatI need just to get up there and dive into the paint. Sling some color around and find my way.

It became playtime and without even realizing it I was swimming around under the water and visualizing once again the treasures of the reefs that I visited when I was a diver in my younger days.

And so it begins, another series called "REEF" and the layers begin to build up on the surface of the painting.Each one hidden underneath the one before, as I dive deeper and deeper into my subconscious to reveal the sublime buoyant feeling of weightlessness that comes with being in my art bubble.  



The REEF Series Begins!   

The REEF Series Begins!