It's About Time


As I continue to develop and expand my Visionary Allegory -Talismans Series, I find that the element of TIME has now entered my realm of consciousness.

This new perception and awareness of time has inspired a new image in the Talismans that are the story teller of time.

I find that I am fascinated with the concept of time in my life, in my day, in the hours and minutes and how the ticking of the clock affects my work now. I have slowed down my pace, looking at each painting and etching with care and I don’t feel rushed to finish.

Although once this concept planted itself into my mind ~ I couldn’t get to it fast enough, such a dichotomy in my working pace. Tick Tock, Tick Tock~

As I worked on these new pieces I found my mind would drift to little snipets of proverbs like “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE” TIME FLIES“, IT’S A MATTER OF TIME” and of course >>>

So as time marches on and I finish this group of paintings for my show in San Antonio in July, I realize that I’m enjoying the time I spend in my wonderful world of imagination and that time matters, staying in the moment is all it’s about!

Collection Preview - ” Visionary Allegories~Talismans” 

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