Le francais le Language d'Amour

Bonjour Amis,

May I introduce Sweet Marie and Beau Luc ...They are my newest Limited Edition prints.
There is a small romantic story and purchase information on my website
http://www.martischmidt.com/marie_beau.html (link no longer valid)

Each day as I prepare for my art sabbatical to France, I get more and more excited. Preparing myself with the language is my greatest challenge. As I français d'étude (study french) I have found several wonderful tools.

One of these is "French Word A Day'. Today's word is : 

bousculer - to jostle, push, shove; to bump into or against; to rush, hurry up, to shake or liven up

Which is exactly what I needed to know.
Anyway, I have added this link for those of you who want to learn French with me...
we could écrivez et parlez le français together and that would help me loads.


Stay tuned, there is plus pour venir (more to come)

au revoir à plus tard