Getting Started

As I begin my first paintings, I am struck with the surreal feeling of being inside a picture.

After months of seeing this lovely studio online and corresponding with my landlords the Jones about my visit, it is hard to believe I am actually here, living my dream.
Each day I walk the mountain, absorbing the magnificent vistas and then I hurry back to the studio to capture the feeling of the views and the colors on my canvases.
The smell of the rich,moist earth and the feel of the crisp,pristine air on my face,renew my artistic spirit and refresh my energy. I found fresh walnuts on the ground and use them in my salad at dinner.

And as I ate the salad I thought, I could live like this for the rest of my life, paint on my hands and fresh walnuts in my salad, here in the Midi-Pyrenees,France.
oui, ce serait une bonne vie.

Until next time....