ET LOIN je VAIS... (and away I go)

As this year ( a very tough year) comes to a close, my 60+ Birthday arrives with mixed  emotions!

Although I am happy to be healthy and blessed with much abundance, I feel that  the sand  is running faster and faster through the hourglass of life. Unable to slow it down, I've decided to speed things up a tad  ALOT! And gift myself with things that make me feel alive, and so~   LOIN je VAIS once again to My Belle France to celebrate this new year of my life.

I have chosen the South of France to explore for several reasons. First, it's a bit warmer in December and although I am a December Child and love to bundle up in sweaters, boots and barets, I have very thin blood after living in Florida for most of my adult life.

Second, I want to walk in the footsteps of some of my influences from my young artist days. Cézanne, Van Gogh, Matisse just to name a few. I plan to visit the small cafe's where my mentors hung out and drink to their memories and art.

My third reason is this amazing place to stay, owned by my friend Ken Jourdan, Rhone Retreat and the Reece Cluse Cottage where I will stay for 3  glorious  weeks, just drew me in, as if it was waiting for me to arrive.

As I am also looking for a village  to return to and settle into in the future, a home away from home. Gaujac, France looks like it might just fit  the  bill and Ken's motto is  "If you come to Gaujac (pronounced GOJACK) you will always come back"

I have a good friend who is an artist, Angie, joining me for a couple  of weeks and we will let the adventure  unfold as we travel Provence  and see where we end up  and what fun we can have during this France Hoilday Season.

I will keep  you posted  on our travels. 

Until we meet again, au revoir, au revoir pour le moment...